Studies marketing topics such as strategic market planning, time - based competition, customer satisfaction, innovation, creativity, and research. Emphasizes competitive marketing and contemporary buying behavior.  3 Credits

This course is intended to introduce students to the History of the United States, from the earliest civilizations of more than 10,000 years ago, but primarily beginning with the European settlements in the late 1400’s, through the Civil War and Reconstruction periods.

This course examines world civilization until 1648. Topics include ancient societies, how they developed, and the lasting contributions they leave for us today. Further examination includes the Greeks and Romans, along with formative societies in China, India, and Africa, along with the rise of Islam and the Christian Crusades. The course concludes with an understanding of Europe, of the Renaissance, and of the events and wars that changed that continent.

This course emphasizes the acquisition of functional health knowledge, along with favorable attitudes and desirable habits for personal and community health. Topics include: physical fitness, stress management, psychological health, nutrition, weight management, inherited and transmitted diseases, pregnancy and parenting, and the aging process.

This course provides intensive guided independent study in areas of sport management, exercise science. With the instructor’s approval, students will complete a research project related to their internship experience that is in-depth and up-to-date.
The focus of this course is on qualitative action research. Students will be given the opportunity to learn how the research process works, from conceptualizing and defining the project, examining similar research, collecting data, analyzing the data, to using the results to determine the impact of the research study.
KN 402 is taken during a student’s internship. It is offered as an online course, which meets partial requirements for degree completion in Exercise Science and Sport Management Programs. A grade of “C” or higher is required for the course to be accepted towards graduation requirements.

This course will survey the different genres of Jazz in the United States throughout the Twentieth Century using a historical approach. Lectures will include listening to and analyzing music examples in relation to the social, technical and historical trends.

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the nature and scope of sport management.  Emphasis will be placed on human resources in the sport and recreation industries.